Snap Studio

Snap comes with a development environment that is available over HTTP on any web browser that supports Web Sockets. To develop and debug scripts the devlopment environment can be started with the command shown below. All that is required is a web browser and Java 1.5 or greater. The development environment is a single JAR file that can be downloaded from here. In addition an embeddable version is available which can be integrated in to any Java application.

java -jar snapd.jar --directory=work --port=4457

The development environment can use hot stand-by agents to improve responsiveness, the agent pool can be configured on the command line. In addition an agent can connect through the HTTP port using the HTTP CONNECT request and begin a debug session. An example configuration is shown below.

java -jar snapd.jar --directory=work --port=4457 --agent-pool=4 --server-only=true


Snap Interpreter

To begin it is recommended that you download the interpreter. The interpreter requires Java to be installed on the host machine. Once you have downloaded the interpreter you can begin running scripts right away. All you need to do is specify the script file relative to the current directory.

java -jar snap.jar --script=/run.snap

If your scripts are in a different directory to the current working directory, then it can be specified on the command line. The script will be loaded relative to that directory.

java -jar snap.jar --script=/run.snap --directory=/path/to/scripts